Welcome to CIFAR

California Institute of Food and Agricultural Research, CIFAR *(“see-far”) is a California-centered, global network and innovation hub focused on emerging agri-food innovations, systems, technologies and solutions. CIFAR is headquartered at the University of California, Davis, and has direct access to some of the leading food, agricultural, and environmental science research programs not only in California, but also throughout the United States and the world. Since 1991, CIFAR has facilitated new opportunities and innovation by recognizing the value of research partnerships, collaborations, and new ventures. CIFAR’s diverse and expansive network connects business, industry, government, and researchers at UC Davis to realize the power of sharing.

CIFAR hosts conferences and forums at the local, regional, and global levels, and provides industry reports and deal-making for its members and affiliates. Through annual events, partner organizations, initiatives, services, and programs, CIFAR enables the power of collaboration for the agri-food industry in California.

Currently, CIFAR has over 70 active member affiliates, covering a wide range of globally-focused agri-food industry members, food technology advisors and specialists, industry consultants, renowned research faculty members, thought leaders, and graduate student interns who participate in its programs.

CIFAR welcomes new members

For questions, please contact Sharon Shoemaker, email:
spshoemaker@ucdavis.edu, Phone: 530.752.2922