CIFAR CONFERENCES/FORUMS with Proceedings (since 2001)


Dec 2016

Forum on Issues, Trends, and Implications in Food and Agriculture | UC Davis

Apr 2016

CIFAR Conference XXXVI: A Look to the Future of Food and Beverage Processing | UC Davis 

Nov 2015

Global Action Summit: Achieving Sustainable Agriculture | Nashville, TN 

Mar 2015

CIFAR Conference XXXV: Closing the Loop-Integrating the Food Supply Chain for Sustainable Profitability | UC Davis

Oct 2014

CIFAR Conference XXXIV: Looking Ahead on World Food Day | UC Davis 

Apr 2014

CIFAR Conference XXXIII: Global Partnerships for Success | UC Davis 

Oct 2013

CIFAR Conference XXXII: Managing Energy, Water and By-Products for Profitability in Food and Beverage Processing | UC Davis 

Nov 2012

CIFAR-SKLF Symposium: New Methodologies Leading to Advancement of Functional Foods | Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China

Oct 2012

CIFAR XXXI: Building a Decision Tree-How to Handle Biomass for Everyone’s Profit | UC Davis 

Apr 2012

Forum: The Microbial World in Foods for Health, Discovery, and Food Safety and On-farm Information Management | UC Davis

Nov 2011

CIFAR XXX: The Agri-Food Enterprise in China and its Growing Impact on California’s Economy | UC Davis 

Oct 2011

Forum: New ways of Looking at Sustainability and Safety | UC Davis 

Apr 2011

CIFAR XXIX: Biofuels: A Global Pipeline | UC Davis

Oct 2010

Global Heath Share Initiative Symposium | UC Davis

May 2010

Green Energy Canada-California Consortium (GE-C3) Symposium 

May 2010

CIFAR XXVIII: Advances in Technology to Improve Energy, Water, and Waste Management in Food and Beverage Processing | UC Davis 

Nov 2008

China-Canada-California (CCC) Forum: Energy and the Environment- Climate Change, Agriculture Biorefineries/Biofuels | Wuxi, China 

Jun 2008

CIFAR XXVI: A Systems Approach to Food Safety | St. Helena, CA 

May 2008

CIFAR XXV: BioEnergy Sustainability and Life Cycle Analysis | Sacramento, CA 

May 2007

Beyond Extra Virgin:Italo-Californian Olive Oil Conference | UC Davis

Jun 2007

CIFAR XXIV: A Global Eye on California’s Biorefinery Industry | UC Davis 

Sep 2006

CIFAR XXIII: Overcoming the Hurdles of Lignocellulosic Biofuels: The Science and the Business | UC Davis

May 2006

CIFAR XXII: Innovation in a World Without Borders | St. Helena, CA

Jan 2006

CIFAR XXI: Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts | UC Davis

Apr 2005

CIFAR XX: In Food We Trust? | UC Davis

May 2004

CIFAR XIX: Bringing Functionality to Market | St. Helena, CA

Nov 2003

CIFAR XVIII: Processing Food for Today’s Consumer | UC Davis

May 2003

CIFAR XVII: Food Functionality for Taste, Health and Well-being | St.
Helena, CA

Dec 2002

CIFAR XVI: Adding Value to Plant Polysaccharides and Polyphenolics

Jun 2002

Robert E. Feeney: The Last of the Great Protein Chemists | UC Davis

Dec 2001

CIFAR XV: A Scientific Perspective on Antioxidants for Sustaining Health | Sacramento, CA

Jun 2001

CIFAR XIV: Cracking the Nut: Bioprocessing Lignocellulose to Renewable Products and Energy | UC Davis